Braces behind the Teeth – Back Of Tooth

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

In some cases and this varies by orthodontist expertise, braces can be put on the back of your tooth.  By doing this your braces treatment goes completely unnoticed by your peers.  There are disadvantages to this treatment and it can be very pricy and this is usually why celebrities and such are known to have this sort of treatment.

You can ask several orthodontists, but the general consensus is that putting braces on behind the teeth is rather bad practice.  There is so much more control over your treatment when the braces are on the traditional style which include the front of the tooth.

With all the new technologies in invisible braces treatment, there is really no need to go with the behind the tooth method.  Ibraces, Invisalign, and Ice Braces are just a few of the new treatments available to users that want their orthodontic treatment to go unnoticed by their peers.

While metal braces are still used in most cases, since they are the most durable and allow for all types of treatments, it is in your best interest to get several opinions about you future treatment.

Braces treatment typically range from 18 to 36 months on average.  The price varies depending on the type of braces, however traditional metal braces are usually the most affordable.

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