Change of Face Shape From Braces

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

Many users soon ask if their shape of the face will change from having braces.  In cases of an overbite or underbite, the braces with the help of rubber bands, power chains, and even palatal expanders are used to correct the bite.  While surgery may be necessary, a lot can be accomplished on the bite without.  Where there is significant improvement in the bite, the lower part of the face will indeed have a minor shape adjustment.  It is most noticeable upon smiling, but the degree of change depends on how sever the bite issue was.

In cases where palatal jaw expanders are used on the upper jaw, a narrow face can look slightly wider upon widening. While most orthodontist will say that the changes are so minute, other users who go through the process have noticed changes.  In most instances the changes are for the better, but in some cases the change of shape is not always correlated with the braces procedure.

Because having braces is usually a several year commitment, one’s face shape can change due to other circumstances, such as weight gain or loss.  One can definitely argue that wearing braces changes the shape of the lower mouth area, but this is all temporary and once they come off you will be back to normal.

When getting braces off, you will go right into retainers which are much less prominent that dental metal braces.

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