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It is but possible to lose teeth in an accident. If the lost teeth is not replaced it might lead to teeth shifting problems. There is also a chance of speech becoming impaired as well. These might indirectly render poor self-esteem to the person. Dental implants are a great thing that these people can look up to.

What are dental implants
Dental implants are prosthetic alternatives to the missing teeth and help restore the teeth functioning to normalcy. It is known that the root of a tooth holds it and an accident or infection to the gum might result in tooth fall and an implant is an artificial replacement that can act as the root to hold tooth substitute. They are a permanent solution to the tooth loss problems.

Dental Implants are metals
Dental implants are metallic rod-like substitutes that are placed into the alveolar bone where the tooth is lost. They are usually made of superior-grade titanium or titanium-based alloys. The metal as well as the alloy are tested and found as having good compatibility.

A Prosthodontics specialist treats such cases and under anesthesia he tries to secure the dental implant through the bone using a screw mechanism to ensure anchorage. He might give a couple of sutures as well to see that the anchorage is appropriate. The first fortnight after the treatment is a period of pain and discomfort for the patient due to the sutures.

However, after 2-3 months time, ensuring the healing is normal, a temporary crown is fit on to the implant. Why a temporary one? To ensure that the gum tissue gets enough time to regenerate and grow well. Again, after a 2-3 months’ time period, a permanent crown is fixed making the entire process complete. So, it might take a minimum of 6 months for the entire treatment

If you are having one, two or three teeth replaced, you will have a temporary restoration in the meantime. If you have complete dentures, then these can be worn throughout the healing period once they have been modified after the surgery.

The cost of dental implants are generally about $1,500 to $3,000, however pricing can go up substantially dependent on several factors.

To get free dental implants, you may be able to try your local university and find programs where student dentist need patients.   These procedures are done under full supervision of a professional.  The price is usually discounted substantially to make it worth doing.

These are some of the FAQ’s for people contemplating on dental implants:

What is the time required to get dental implants
As discussed above a minimum of 6 months is needed but it depends on the regeneration capacity of individuals.

Will there be speech impairment with dental implants?
No there will not be any impairment to speech, they indeed correct speech otherwise impaired with missing teeth

Are dental implants visible?
A Prosthodontist will take care that during normal movement of jaws the implants are not visible to outsiders.

Can the artificial teeth be removed?
The tooth/teeth fixed to the dental implants are meant for permanent fixture. So, you cannot take them out, unless all of your teeth are artificial.

What is the success rate of dental implants?
This is one treatment in dentistry where success rate is as good as 95% and even more. However, the lower jaw implant treatments are more successful than the upper jaw treatments.

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