How To Remove Cement From Teeth After Taking Braces Off

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

The cement that an orthodontist uses to bond a bracket to your tooth is applied with special tools that are seen in their office. In order to remove the cement, the orthodontist uses a high-speed appliance that buffs the glue off the tooth slowly as not to damage the tooth in the process.

While some patients for various reasons remove braces on their own, it is not recommended and you could harm your teeth or gums. You are much better off going to an orthodontist, any orthodontist and paying for the removal procedure to avoid doing damage to your teeth. If you can’t afford having the braces removed, check out your local universities dental schools and you may be able to get it done for FREE by students with the supervision of a certified orthodontist.

The orthodontist will use a plier like tool to snap each bracket off the tooth and than buff the glue off the teeth. Sometimes when they snap the bracket it will break. This is especially common with ceramic brackets. In this case it takes much more time to get the bracket particles and glue off the tooth.

Once the orthodontist buffs the glue off each tooth, you will be asked to feel around with your tongue. If you feel any remnants of the glue, now is the time to speak up and get it removed.

A warning, if your teeth are sensitive to cold temperatures, the process of removing the glue can be painful and feel like buckets of ice dumping on your teeth. This is because the tool puts of an extremely cold air that patients have said causes quite a bit of discomfort.

To avoid the discomfort, ask your orthodontist to provide an oral gel for sensitive to the problem areas. For example if you are sensitive on just a certain region of your teeth, than apply the gel there about 20 minute before to numb the area.

If you are looking to remove the cement on your own, we cannot off you advice here, but you can call an orthodontist and ask them the best advice. While some of the bonding will fall off over time, it will be a very long time. The cement is made to hold a bracket to your tooth for a couple of years and not come off when eating. So it is expected that it be very strong.

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