Ice Braces Reviews

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

Inspire Ice Clear Braces, The Only Clear Choice, are relatively new in the orthodontic community.  However, just because they are new does not give them a disadvantage.

Overall we are very impressed with these braces.  They are virtually invisible compared to traditional braces and make the average of 24 months treatment much more pleasurable.

It has been known that celebrities around the world were the first to rave about these braces, as they go unseen to the public.

These braces will work just as hard as traditional metal braces.  The only issue we see as of right now is that not many Orthodontists are treating with them just yet.  We expect this number to go way up in the future.  We recommend you go to the Inspire Ice website and do a search by your zip code.  You should be able to find an Orthodontist within reasonable range if you are near a big city.

We expect as new Orthodontist come out of school and the invisible generation begins to take over, that most all dentist will give you the Inspire Ice option.  Some orthodontist that have been practicing for years, prefer to keep the practice simple and use what they know works, that is traditional metal braces.

The average cost of Inspire Ice Braces varies from Orthodontist, so we recommend you call doctors even outside your area to get a feel for the pricing of ice braces.

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