Overbite Correction With Braces

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

An overbite is a common orthodontic condition in which the upper teeth over lap or fall over the lower teeth.  This sort of malocclusion may not cause any major health concerns, and earlier, people generally preferred to let the problem alone without correcting it. However, with the easy availability of orthodontic options like braces treatment for an overbite, more people are correcting this defect, and perfecting their smiles.
Braces treatment suits most overbite conditions, and is a very effective way of correcting the upper structure of the jaw.  Surgery is also an option, but should be resorted to only if your dentist feels that braces may not be as effective in treating the overbite. Take a second and third opinion from other dentists before agreeing to surgery. Most cases require no surgery, but just some pressure that is constantly applied on the jaw to move it to a normal shape and proportion. That is what an orthodontist uses braces for.

Braces treatment for an overbite can be carried out on both children and adults. The treatment also treats malocclusion or misalignment of teeth, as the braces mainly work by applying force and correcting the jaw and teeth alignment. Even if the malocclusion is not too serious, correction of this problem can help prevent the tooth decay that can occur because of misaligned teeth. 

Your orthodontist may use strong wires and rubber bands depending on the condition of the overbite. While choosing braces for the treatment of an overbite, your orthodontist will offer you a range of options and will make recommendations on the best options for your case. Generally, he may prefer the Damon brace system, also known as the traditional brace system, which is the most appropriate treatment or an adult. These braces are self ligating braces and don’t not require round elastics around them. That’s why these types of braces are less visible than metal braces.

Ceramic braces are also another great option. Here, the brackets are clear and not visible when the wearer smiles. The only portion that is visible is the arch wire.  That is why these braces are so popular among patients who need braces treatment for an overbite. Adults who wear these braces feel less self conscious when they smile.  In fact, there are more and more adult patients getting braces as part of their dental treatment.
If the cost of treatment is not a problem, then Invisalign braces are the most comfortable and least visible option.   This is the latest trend in orthodontics, and come more highly recommended than conventional metal braces or arch wires. Invisalign treatment uses a series of aligning trays to push the teeth into position. Invisalign has been a breakthrough in the world of orthodontics, but the only drawback is that these trays must be cleaned and changed regularly.  However, you may need to have a tooth structure that is treatable with Invisalign to be able to wear these.  Serious cases of overbite may not be treatable with Invisalign, although some dentists are reporting great success using these braces on overbite patients. Mild cases however, can be fixed with ease.   Invisalign braces have come a long way from a few years ago when they were first introduced, and can now treat several overbite conditions effectively.

With such a range of braces treatment to choose from, you really don’t have to have a less than perfect smile!

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