SARPE Jaw Surgery Expansion Information

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion or SARPE is a form of surgery in which the upper jaw is expanded.  In many cases the orthodontist will try a palatal expander alone; however there is a chance that the movement will be not be enough.  In this case the SARPE surgery is done.

When patients upper jaw is vastly too small to go over the lower jaw, chewing, talking, and other issues can arise.  This is why it is important you look into treatment.  Usually younger patients respond better to the palatal expander alone.  The older patients jaws are not as soft and usually are better candidates for SARPE, however it is a procedure done on teens as well.

Users report very little discomfort or pain and the surgery usually take an hour at an inpatient facility.  Your orthodontist will usually recommend an oral surgeon that they have done these procedures with before.

There is said to be some swelling, however this varies from patient to patient.   The expander is not to be turned for about a week after the surgery and you are placed on a soft food and liquid diet.  Soft foods such as mash potatoes, pasta, apple sauce, etc.  

There is usually a space in your front teeth from the expansion of the jaw, however there is closed with braces in the upcoming weeks of treatment.

As with all treatments, we highly recommend you get several opinions before having any procedure done.

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