Stopped Wearing Retainer, Teeth Shifted

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

A lot of times patients will stop wearing their retainers for various reasons and find that their teeth shifts quite a bit.  While in some cases the movement is very minor, sometimes it is not.  

If the movement is so severe that your bite is off or teeth are totally crooked again, your orthodontist will first try to work you back into your retainer by adjusting it.  Note that is only for Hawley retainers (adjustable).

If your teeth have shifted so much from lack of retainer use that in many cases braces need to be put back on.  The treatment time is usually half of what the initial time was, but you can be sure that your doctor will most likely charge you.  Now if you were wearing your retainers and your teeth still shifted, the orthodontist may not charge and you believe that he/she may have taken your braces off too early.

Once the optimal bite is reached orthodontist find that by leaving you in braces for several more months, your teeth hold better than taking them off right away.  Making the work for the retainers much easier.

Bottom is line is that we can not stress how important a retainer is post braces.  Especially in mild to severe cases or where a young adult was given braces.  Your retainers become a life commitment and should become part of your bedtime routine.

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