Why Do Braces Spacers Hurt?

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by admin

If you have decided to get braces, than your orthodontist will plant spacers in your back teeth to make room for the anchors that are used to join the braces.  The anchors slide over your back teeth and then the braces are attached to them and used for support and stability.

The spacers are put in between the back teeth to space the teeth out around them, so that the anchors can be placed on top of the tooth.  This is probably the most pain you will feel from your braces treatment.  The reason being is that the movement is extremely rapid and the orthodontist usually only leaves them in for 2 weeks as they work very fast to move your teeth and make room for the anchors.

Braces don’t work this fast for stability reasons and this is why you won’t feel near this much pain from braces.  Users typically deal with the spacer pains with over the counter pain relievers, but in most cases it is not necessary.  Even the fastest braces treatment usually do not incur pain.

When the 2 weeks is up you will go into your orthodontist and the spacers will be removed.  Then the anchors will be placed in and you will be braced.  No major power chains and such will be used for several adjustments as the glue needs to settle and bond.

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  1. January 15, 2014 at 1:08 am, Allie said:

    I have my spacers in right now and I don’t even feel them in my mouth!:) I just can’t eat solid foods:( I’m sticking to yogurt,I’ve only suppose to have them for 2 days!:) Tommorow I’m getting braces:P Don’t worry my teeth are my most sentsetive part of my body and spacer don’t hurt!XD


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